HIV or STI configuration tips

Currently, this page consists of notes of important modeling things that don’t seem to quite fit into a framework yet.

To run simulations that utilize network transmission, set the parameter Simulation_Type to the value “STI_SIM”. To utilize the specific components for simulating HIV, set the parameter Simulation_Type to the value “HIV_SIM”. .. Need to figure out what “HIV_SIM” adds in terms of options, complexity, etc.

Note that there are graphs and some equations for Weibull distributions (p. 10 in the pdf) that are not copied over.

To define the distribution of age of sexual debut, three parameters are specified: the Weibull heterogeneity parameter, the Weibull scale parameter, and the minimum possible age of sexual debut. The first two parameters parameters can be set to different values for males and females. The third para-meter prevents debut ages lower than a specific value, even if the Weibull distribution has some mass below that value. These parameters are located in the config.json input file, and are tabulated below: [did not include the table, p. 11]