The ARTDropout intervention class removes an individual from antiretroviral therapy (ART) and interrupts their progress through the cascade of care. The individual’s infectiousness will return to a non-suppressed level, and a new prognosis will be assigned.


Parameters are case-sensitive. For Boolean parameters, set to 1 for true or 0 for false. JSON does not permit comments, but you can add “dummy” parameters to add contextual information to your files.

The table below describes all possible parameters with which this class can be configured. The JSON example that follows shows one potential configuration.

Parameter Data type Minimum Maximum Default Description Example
Cost_To_Consumer float 0 99999 1 The unit cost per drug (unamortized).
    "Cost_To_Consumer": 10
Dont_Allow_Duplicates boolean NA NA 0 If an individual’s container has an intervention, set to true (1) to prevent them from receiving another copy of the intervention. Supported by all intervention classes.
    "Dont_Allow_Duplicates": 0
Disqualifying_Properties string NA NA NA A list of IndividualProperty key:value pairs that cause an intervention to be aborted (persistent interventions will stop being distributed to individuals with these values). See NodeProperties and IndividualProperties parameters for more information. Generally used to control the flow of health care access. For example, to prevent the same individual from accessing health care via two different routes at the same time.
    "Disqualifying_Properties": [
Intervention_Name string NA NA NA The optional name used to refer to this intervention as a means to differentiate it from others that use the same class.
New_Property_Value string NA NA NA An optional IndividualProperty key:value pair that will be assigned when the intervention is distributed. See NodeProperties and IndividualProperties parameters for more information. Generally used to indicate the broad category of health care cascade to which an intervention belongs to prevent individuals from accessing care through multiple pathways. For example, if an individual must already be taking a particular medication to be prescribed a new one.
    "New_Property_Value": "InterventionStatus:None"
    "Use_Defaults": 1,
    "Events": [{
        "class": "CampaignEventByYear",
        "Event_Name": "OnART: state 3 (run ARTDropout)",
        "Start_Year": 1990,
        "Nodeset_Config": {
            "class": "NodeSetAll"
        "Event_Coordinator_Config": {
            "class": "StandardInterventionDistributionEventCoordinator",
            "Intervention_Config": {
                "class": "NodeLevelHealthTriggeredIV",
                "Trigger_Condition_List": [
                "Actual_IndividualIntervention_Config": {
                    "class": "ARTDropout"