Campaign file

The campaign file is an optional file that distributes outbreaks and contains all parameters that define the collection of interventions that make up a disease eradication campaign. For example,

  • When, how, and who to test for a disease
  • When, how, and who to distribute treatments to
  • The vaccines or other preventative interventions to use
  • The medications to use for treatment

Like the configuration file, the campaign file is a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) formatted file. It is hierarchically organized into logical groups of parameters that can have arbitrary levels of nesting. For some interventions, there can be a very complex hierarchical structure, including recursion. Typically, the file is named campaign.json. The relative path to this file is specified by Campaign_Filename in the configuration file.

To distribute an intervention, you must configure the following:

campaign event
A JSON object that determines when and where an intervention is distributed during a campaign.
event coordinator
A JSON object that determines who will receive a particular intervention during a campaign.
A JSON object that determines what will be distributed to reduce the spread of a disease. An intervention can be distributed either to an individual (such as a vaccine, drug, or bednet) or to a node (such as a larvicide). Sometimes this can be an intermediate intervention that schedules another intervention.

IDM provides complete simulation scenarios in the Regression directory on GitHub. Within each of the simulation subdirectories, there is a campaign.json file. The Scenarios subdirectory contains the files used in the tutorials.

Overlay file

As you work more with EMOD, you may want to change the values of a view parameters of interest while keeping the rest constant, for example, when running simulation experiments or testing source code changes.

You have the option of creating an overlay file to keep campaign parameters of interest in a separate file from the complete campaign file that contains default values. These files can be flattened into a single file and the values in the overlay file will override those in the default file.

See Campaign parameters for a comprehensive list and description of all parameters available to use in the campaign file for this simulation type.