Welcome to EMOD training

The Institute for Disease Modeling (IDM) develops complex software modeling. The primary software, Epidemiological MODeling software (EMOD), helps determine the combination of health policies and intervention strategies that can lead to disease eradication. We share this modeling software with the research community to advance the understanding of disease dynamics.

However, if you are not already familiar with epidemiology and disease modeling, it can be challenging to get started with EMOD. This training documentation provides extensive tutorials that walk you through prepared modeling scenarios. In addition, you can easily run simulations with the Quick Start using the provided Windows batch files or within the familiar interface of the Excel Front End.


The Quick Start can only be run locally on a 64-bit Windows computer and the Excel Front End is only supported on 32-bit Microsoft Excel, though there is a workaround if you do not want to reinstall your version of Excel. See Troubleshooting.

The Quick Start is not updated as frequently as the EMOD source, so may not contain all parameters available in the latest version of EMOD. In addition, while you can modify the parameter values, you cannot add or subtract parameters from JSON files within the Excel Front End.

Documentation structure

IDM recently separated the documentation into this training set and disease-specific sets that provide guidance for researchers modeling particular diseases. If you already have disease modeling experience, we recommend using the documentation that corresponds to disease you study or, if you want to extend the software to study another disease, the general disease documentation set.