Heterogeneous Intra-Node Transmission (HINT) tutorials

The Heterogeneous Intra-Node Transmission (HINT) tutorials consist of a group of scenarios that guide you through simulations that will help you understand the HINT feature, which allows you to configure heterogeneous disease transmission between different groups defined with IndividualProperties. Each tutorial has a corresponding Scenarios directory and a demographics file in the ScenariosInputFiles directory. All of these tutorials have an IndividualProperties attribute in their demographics files. An IndividualProperties attribute with a TransmissionMatrix is a requirement for a HINT simulation. Additionally, Enable_Heterogeneous_Intranode_Transmission must be set to 1 (true) in the simulation configuration file (config.json).

There are two ways to use the tutorials. You can read the tutorials information and graphs to learn about the model; installing EMOD is not required. Or, for a more hands-on approach, you can also run the simulations that are associated with the tutorials and make the suggested changes to the configuration files to see the impact on the output graphs. See EMOD installation for installation instructions and Run simulations for information on how to run EMOD simulations.

Refer to EMOD parameter reference for more information regarding individual parameters that you are interested in modifying.

For more information about the mathematics behind HINT, see Heterogeneity and transmission scaling in the generic disease documentation.